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Ed Rasmussen

Senior Chief Petty Officer Ed Rasmussen: Finding Help After a TBI

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Retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Ed Rasmussen experienced multiple concussions as a result of years of exposure to explosions during training. He dealt with memory loss, sleep issues and behavior changes until his wife encouraged him to get checked out. Rasmussen now tells others who may have experienced a TBI to “talk to somebody you know who has one — because we’re out there.”


A Head for the Future is a TBI awareness and prevention initiative from the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. Learn more at

Comments [2]

I forget to go to the VA for help then I have to reason it all out in my head over and over to figure out if I really do have a mTBI & PTSD because I turned to self medicating at times over the years since i was discharged so I have no support system basically I'm written off because of their anticipatory grief and my deteriorating condition

Apr 28th, 2016 9:57pm

I watched this video for a class I am taking at Drexel University. I had no idea the emotions that would come over me while watching this video. I am active duty Army and I have been on 3 deployments and I suffer from many things you speak of, I will seek help because of you Chief Rasmussen.

Mar 12th, 2016 11:20am


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