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Sarah Wade: A Military Wife and Caregiver's Story

Sarah Wade: A Military Wife and Caregiver's Story

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Ted--when he first got injured, he was taken to Germany, and was not expected to live. I was given the option to withdraw care. His dad and I were given that decision. One of his friends in Iraq was pulled off of a patrol, and was going to come to Germany to escort his body home to the States Ted took a very good turn and improved. He was in a coma for a couple of months-- probably about 2 1/2 months, and was in the hospital for--I think--10 months consecutively. So the first year for Ted was a lot of what Carolyn was talking about-- learning how to talk again, learning how to walk again, learning how to get dressed. And later on, maybe getting a little closer to maybe learning how to manage himself again. As Ted has described it, it was a lot like being born all over again, except it was an accelerated childhood-- That all of the things he had learned in the first year of his life, he had to relearn again.

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Military wife, caregiver, and brain Injury advocate Sarah Wade talks about her husband's injuries sustained while combat in Iraq and how " ... for Ted, the first year of his recovery was like being born all over again, except accelerated."

This is an excerpt from BrainLine's webcast Caregiving and TBI: What You Need to Know. See full webcast here.




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