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How to Move Beyond Recovery

How to Move Beyond Recovery "Plateaus" After a Brain Injury

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Hey guys, it's Adam, and I recently received an email from an army wife, Christian, out in California. So I wanted to share this with you and kind of offer my thoughts. Christian says: My husband has been getting help for his mild traumatic brain injury for about a year now, but he's still not back to normal. He gets really frustrated; how do I help him? Well, one thing that I would recommend, Christian, is going out and kind of being supportive of your husband, continuing to engage him in his therapy. If he feels like he's reached a plateau or if he's kind of leveled off in his improvement, one thing that I found was really helpful-- because I'm about 5 years out now from my injury-- is to really kind of go back to engage your physical therapy and your occupational therapy, and kind of ask for more advanced treatments and more advanced strategies. You know--you can explain, "Hey, I've really gotten some of the more basic strategies down; they've worked well. I've gotten to what I perceive to be this level, but I'm really looking to go forward." So being supportive in that is something that I would find and recommend to be very helpful, so good luck.

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Adam shares his experiences of having to push through the frustrating periods during his recovery from brain injury and continue to make progress.

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Hi, I’m Adam Anicich

I’m a former Army Sergeant, a Department of Veterans Affairs employee, a service-disabled vet, and someone with a brain injury. I’m here to share my story with you — along with some practical tips — and I hope that I can help you in your own journey of recovery.

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Comments [2]

Great strategy Adam. I am 18 months into my recovery from a medium TBI. I feel as though i have reached a plateau, so I will pursue this recommendation.

Aug 13th, 2012 8:36pm

Aloha Adam, I am also a veteran, going to college to earn my degree in teaching special education. I appreciate your blog and the sharing of your experience(s) and strategies. They are enlightening, and prove most helpful to my education focus. Thank you once again, and I hope you don't mind that I adapt your comments to fit the needs of the lessons/students that are a part of my learning/teaching experience. M. Obado

Aug 12th, 2012 7:28pm


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