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The Pomodoro Technique Can Help People with TBI

The Pomodoro Technique Can Help People with TBI

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Hey guys, it's Adam. Recently, a good veteran friend of mine told me about the Pomodoro Technique. Essentially what it is, is it's a time management strategy that breaks up your life into 20-25 minute little segments where you focus and kind of reorient yourself to a certain task at hand in 25-minute intervals. So, you work on something for 20 minutes, then you take a 1-5 minute break. It's kind of like an Etch A Sketch, where you shake, erase it, and then you're able to start over fresh in the next 20-minute segment. So try it out, see if that's something that works for you. Do something for 20 minutes, focus hard, and then take a break and relax, go at it again--see if it improves your productivity. Thanks.

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A friend of Adam's told him about the Pomodoro Technique — a time management method that breaks up periods of work into 25-minute intervals. In a nutshell, frequent breaks can improve focus and mental agility.—

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Hi, I’m Adam Anicich

I’m a former Army Sergeant, a Department of Veterans Affairs employee, a service-disabled vet, and someone with a brain injury. I’m here to share my story with you — along with some practical tips — and I hope that I can help you in your own journey of recovery.

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