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Expanding Your Realm of Possiblities After a Brain Injury

Expanding Your Realm of Possibilities After a Brain Injury

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Hey guys, it's Adam, and I want to talk to you about expanding your realm of possibilities. A good friend of mine who runs an art clinic in Santa Barbara, California, was never into art or painting or drawing or anything like that-- he was a gung-ho Army veteran. After he was medically retired from the Army, he started an art therapy clinic, and, as a result, he found something that not only he was passionate about, but something that he would never have expected, and something that really helps him make a living and supplement his income. He's now selling his paintings. He's hosting art schools that are really great. They're quiet, intimate sessions where people can express their feelings through art. So my point to everybody out there is to try new things, try things that you wouldn't normally think of, and see how you like it. You may just find out not only that it becomes a personal business, but it's something you enjoy as well. Thanks.

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It may be a cliché, but when one door shuts, often another, better one opens. Adam talks about a friend, a retired Marine, who tried something totally out of character and has now not only made a business from it but derives great pleasure from it.

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Hi, I’m Adam Anicich

I’m a former Army Sergeant, a Department of Veterans Affairs employee, a service-disabled vet, and someone with a brain injury. I’m here to share my story with you — along with some practical tips — and I hope that I can help you in your own journey of recovery.

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I am so proud of YOU! Thanks for having the courage to share such hope and inspiration to all us brain injury sisters and brothers and our families and friends!

May 14th, 2013 11:32am


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